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(Personal insurance will cover rental in case of accident as primary coverage)

1. Quality Control: Driver needs to ensure that the car is maintained clean in and out.

2. No smoking in any Cars, Office or Parking Lot -Unclean or Smoking smell will have a $100 penalty.

3. Usage of car is for Federal Limo rides only , In case of an accident, and Driver use the car for

   personal use or Rides for Uber or lyft our insurance  will not cover and driver 

   personal insurance will be the primary,           

4. There will be a $1000 deductible for damage to the insured car and or other party.

5. Driver required to return the car to the same condition as the pick up.

6. Driver is responsible for all parking tickets, Red light tickets or any other kind of traffic tickets.- $25 fee

7. We have the right to collect for any equipment damage or lost or stolen,

   tolls, parking tickets, Red light tickets or any other kind of traffic violation.

8. Driver  understands that the car must not be taken overnight over 50 miles from 75229.

   Violation  will result in a weekly penalty of $105 and we will not be liable for any repairs or tow.

9. Driver understands that he is an independent contractor. And all income will be reported as a 1099.

10.We do not refund drivers for unused gasoline.

11. All drivers are required to have AAA Plus . We will not pay for tow.

12. Driver signing this contract is the only driver allowed to drive.

13. Abandon or Non return of a car   has a $200 charge and is a felony and will be reported to Dallas Police. 

14. On disputes all collection and Legal fees will be charged to drivers.

15. Federal Limo have the permission to inspect and return keys and vehicle,

      Which includes entry to  a private area with a locksmith.

16. User of represent an agreement to accept text messages.

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